What are the harmful effects of CO2 emissions?

CO2 emissions
CO2 emissions

Climate change has been one of the worlds growing concerns the past few years. It has greatly affected our environment and the lives of not only humans but also different kinds of animals. CO2 emissions have risen and continue to rise all over the world. There are treaties and talks that can address this growing need to slow down climate change and prevent further damage to the worlds ozone layer.

What are the harmful effects of CO2 emissions?

High levels of carbon emissions are dangerous to your health and to the environment as well. The culprits behind excessive carbon emissions are industrial factories, and gasoline and diesel cars. The emissions of cars and factories directly affect the environment and the people in their communities.

The carbon emissions destroy the ozone layer little by little and can cause numerous diseases such as cancer and heart problems. These pollutants also affect the animals in their communities. More and more animals are losing their natural habitats because of the factories. Animals are also getting exposed to different kinds of chemicals that are in the air. Their natural way of life is changed and their habitats destroyed. Carbon emissions have also affected the weather. The climate change has brought about the melting of the ice caps and the changing patterns of birds and other insects.

What can you do to prevent further damage to the Earths ozone layer?

Despite the call to action by the UN to prevent carbon emissions, there are still factories and big companies who violate the rules deliberately. You wonder how you, as an individual, can make a change. Here is a list of ways you can do to help prevent the harmful effects of carbon emissions:

  1. Get rid of your gas guzzling car and replace it with a hybrid car.
  2. If you cant afford a hybrid car, instead of riding a car use your bike or walk to your office or school. You can also choose to car pool with somebody else to prevent the spread of carbon emissions.
  3. Use biodegradable material or organic materials to reduce plastic and paper waste.
  4. Go on a planting spree to replenish the lost trees due to logging. Trees absorb the excess carbon that cars and factories emit.

These are some of the ways you can help prevent the spread of carbon emissions. You can raise the awareness of your community by holding meetings or setting up a group to help preserve the environment.

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