Prevent the Spread of Greenhouse Gases

Greenhouse Gases
Greenhouse Gases

Carbon emissions have changed the way the world views the environment and have also affected policies by countries across the globe. There is a deeper and wider awareness about the potential problems that carbon emissions create. More and more countries are getting into talks on how to reduce the carbon footprint they produce.

The Kyoto Protocol

One of the most prominent policies about carbon emissions is the Kyoto Protocol. The Kyoto Protocol aims to drastically reduce the carbon emissions by the countries in the UN. The Protocol wants to prevent the increase of carbon emissions to finally put an end to global warming.

The Protocol was adopted on December 11, 1997 in Kyoto, Japan and enforced on February 16, 2005. As recent as September 2011, there have been one hundred ninety one states and countries that have ratified and signed the agreement. Among the leading nations, only the United States has yet to ratify and sign the agreement.

Under the Kyoto Protocol, thirty seven countries have committed themselves to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases such as methane, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide and sulphur hexafluoride that enter the Earths atmosphere. Ideally, the Kyoto Protocol aims to return to the 1990 level of greenhouse gases in the Earths atmosphere.

There are also flexible mechanisms for the different countries who agreed to the Kyoto Protocol. One of the mechanisms they can use is carbon trading. Carbon trading allows them to get more credits from other nations so that they can reach the agreed upon carbon emission level. They can get these carbon credits by starting and implementing projects that reduce carbon emissions in other countries, exchange carbon emission credits from other nations, and through financial exchanges.

What are the objectives of the Kyoto Protocol?

The Kyoto Protocol has the following objectives:

1. The Protocol aims to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases inherent in the earths atmosphere.

2. Prevent global warming and climate change.

3. Prepare each nation that has signed the Protocol to make and implement policies that will help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

4. Compliance to the commitments of the Kyoto Protocol.

These are the objectives of the Kyoto Protocol. At the end of the day the Protocol aims to prevent the spread of greenhouse gases that has changed our environment and has affected the ecosystems of the planet. There are several harmful effects that greenhouse gases create. You can be a part of the change by lowering your carbon emissions.

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