Hot Earth: Global Warming

Global Warming
Global Warming

Europe is currently experiencing one of the harshest winters with a lot of people dying from hypothermia and frostbite. Cities have been cut off due to snow storms and officials are worried if the power supply can handle the demand needed to power up the heaters. Meanwhile, other parts of the world are melting under the intense summer heat. Countries near the Pacific have encountered both the El Nio and La Nia phenomena in the recent years, bringing sweltering temperatures and arid conditions or bring in vast amounts of prolonged rainfall. These changes in Mother Nature have been slowly but surely happening for dozens of years, and the Earth is currently undergoing global warming.

Global warming is the term used that refers to the rise of the average temperature of Earth. It also refers to the continuation of the rise of these temperatures. Scientists have said that since the 20th century, the temperature of the planet has been increasing bit by bit, an average of 0.8 C or 1.4 F. Experts believe that the reason for the rise of the Earth's temperature is due to the increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases in the planet. These greenhouse gases are usually produced by human activities such as burning of fossil fuels and deforestation.

So is there evidence of global warming? There plenty of that, and facts about global warming should be a cause for concern. Aside from the rising average temperature of the planet, the rate of warming is increasing. According to several climate studies, the last two decades were the hottest years ever recorded for at least 400 years, a sure sign of global warming. Another global warming evidence is the rapid disappearance of Arctic ice, and the animals and people who live in these regions are already feeling the effects of this loss. Aside from the loss of ice in the Arctic, snow, ice and glaciers are also rapidly melting. Spring comes earlier and freezing during winter comes much later.

One more evidence of global warming is seen in the coral reefs. These coral reefs are highly sensitive to the changes in the ocean's temperatures and they tend to die because of the stress due to the change in the water's temperature. The death of the coral reefs around the world is said to continue in the coming years according to experts. Aside from the rising temperature of the oceans, extreme weather events are being felt around the world, and an example of this is the harsh winter in Europe and Russia. In the recent years, a lot of countries all over the world have also suffered from heat waves, strong tropical storms, and wildfires. These extreme weather events is detrimental to the health, the crops, and the animals as well.

So to the skeptics out there who ask: Is global warming real?, the answer is a definite yes and it is happening right now. People might scoff at the idea of global warming, and that they are not really affected but it is time to smell the smog in the air and do something about it.

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