Global Warming Threats

Global Warming Threats
Global Warming Threats

One of the most pressing concerns of the modern world is global warming. Described as the dramatic increase of the Earths temperature, global warming poses serious ecological problems to people all around the globe. According to scientific studies, the temperature of the Earth has risen by approximately one degree Fahrenheit in the past one hundred years. A more alarming study shows that over the past three decades, there warming rate of the Earth has accelerated. Strong evidence also shows that over the last fifty years, human activities played a significant role on this distressing phenomenon. Human activities contributed largely in changing the chemical composition of the environment. The main cause of global warming is the unprecedented buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

The Green House Effect

Basically, the process that results to the Greenhouse effect has four steps. First, the Ultraviolet rays from the sun enter the atmosphere then hit the Earth. In the form of infrared light, a considerable amount of sunlight converts into heat energy.  When impregnated by the enclosing land and air, the heat gets hotter. Infrared rays that are left in the atmosphere are trapped by greenhouse gases and returned to the Earths surface. In effect, the light gets warmer resulting to further warming of the globe.

Environment Unfriendly Human Activities

CO2 emissions in just a few years have escalated due to the rapid and unparalleled development in technology, particularly those that are used in many industries. Factories and many industrial zones are top ranking contributors in the emission of dangerous gases such as carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, methane, and substances that are known to have a colossal impact in the depletion of the ozone layer. CFC or Hydroflurocarbon is one of the most lethal ozone depleting substances.Other human activities that significantly contribute to the depletion of the ozone are burning of fossil fuels and the use of cars.

Serious Threats to the Global Population

Explained in simpler terms, global warming is frightening because it tends to create serious havoc in the various aspects of the lives of people around the globe. Among many others, these include health, food production, and the survival of various organisms in the planet. Other effects of global warming are the frequency of powerful thunderstorms, irregular rainfall, drier top soils, and abnormal weather conditions. Due to the unprecedented heating of the globe, glaciers floating in the Arctic and Greenland have been reported to melt in an alarming level. In effect, sea levels throughout the world are constantly rising. This explains why dangerous flooding disasters in many parts of the world have recently been experienced.

Future Implications

If the root cause of global warming will not be properly addressed, more countries will definitely undergo more harrowing effects. Unpredictable climate changes could have a huge and negative impact on existing ecosystems in various parts of the globe. In truth, poorer nations or those that belong to the Third World are more vulnerable to the terrifying consequences of global warming. Furthermore, developed nations that own the biggest industrial infrastructures contributes largely in the emission of dangerous gases resulting to the depletion of the ozone.

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