Global Warming Facts

Global Warming Facts
Global Warming Facts

Thanks to facts on global warming become more and more frequently reported on the news, people are becoming increasingly aware about how their actions can impact the environment. Even so, there remains to be individuals who don't know that much global warming information. This article takes a look at some global warming facts so you can find out more about this phenomenon.

About global warming

Before looking at global warming facts, it's important to understand what global warming actually is. This is the phenomenon wherein the temperature of the earth slowly rises due to the heat and light of the sun being trapped into the earth's atmosphere. The reason why this is trapped is because of greenhouse gases (which usually come from fossil fuels), which keep the heat and the light from escaping. Essentially, this works much in the same way that heat in cars remain inside vehicles when parked under the sun while the heat can get in, it can't escape. The problem with greenhouse gases is that these don't dissipate quickly, and these can remain in the atmosphere for several years. During this period, more and more of the gases will be produced, worsening the problem of global warming.

Global warming facts

Some global warming facts that you need to know include:

  • Carbon dioxide is the greenhouse gas primarily responsible for global warming, due to the large amounts of the gas in the environment. The United States is responsible for 19.91% of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere.
  • Average temperature around the world has climbed to 0.8 degrees Celsius since 1880. While this might not seem much, this temperature change can already cause the melting of the ice caps. Aside from this, sea levels have been estimated to have risen between 4 and 8 inches in the last century. Experts are estimating that this can reach as high as 2 feet in the next 100 years.
  • The last two decades of the 20th century have been recorded as the hottest in the past 400 years, and also possibly for several millennia, based on the records of climate studies.
  • The Arctic region has experienced the effects of global warming the most, with a lot of its wildlife, especially polar bears, in danger of extinction because of the changes happening in their habitat.
  • The increase in temperature has also affected marine life. A lot of coral reefs are slowly becoming damaged. If this keeps up, scientists predict that all of the coral reefs in the world will be destroyed by 2015.

While there remains a lot of people who are skeptical that global warming is real, there is a lot of global warming evidence and global warming facts that prove that there is truth to the statements made by scientists regarding this phenomenon. While the information about global warming sounds alarming, there are still some things people can do to reverse to reverse its effects. By doing things to minimize your carbon footprint on this world, it is possible for you to lessen the effects of global warming and help preserve the Earth.

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