CO2 Emissions: The Global Carbon Cycle in Brief

CO2 Emissions
CO2 Emissions

CO2 emissions raises global concern for several reasons, prime among them is the alleged responsibility of CO2 in raising the levels of global temperatures. However, it is very difficult to determine whether CO2 emissions is the only culprit for Global Warming. In fact, the scientific community is even divided about the reality of Global warming.

There are plenty of interesting questions that are raised around CO2 emissions. Do plants like more CO2 in the atmosphere? Do human breathing contribute more to CO2 production? Recent reflections in the role of carbon emissions in climate change has espoused a new wave of thinking. A greener industry is fast becoming the norm in a world struggling to find balance between development and ecology.

As a result, we see technology that seeks to limit our CO2 emissions: electric cars, solar powered houses, wind powered power sources, and other recourses to more sustainable sources of energy to reduce CO2 emissions.

Is there a good side to CO2 emissions?

As mentioned earlier, there  is an interesting question about whether plants like higher levels of CO2 in the atmosphere or not. The study is not recent, as there are similar efforts attempting to link the role of CO2 in plant growth since the Medieval times.

There are two ways of measuring plant growth, and that is through its dry weight or biomass, and through its photosynthesis, or the exchange rate of CO2 in its leaves. Studies show that when exposed to higher concentrations of CO2 in a controlled environment, the plants showed positive growth increase in terms of biomass and photosynthesis.

This goes to show that nature is still working to balance itself even when there is a relative increase in the CO2 levels in the atmosphere. While carbon emissions will also likely result in a warmer atmosphere, it was shown that plants will be able to adapt, just like in the Medieval era.

On the other hand, humans when they breathe, constitute a very little percentage in the global scale of carbon dioxide emissions. The largest percentage come from the ocean, the land, and the atmosphere, which exchange CO2.

What we have to watch out for is the small changes in the exchange of CO2 between the ATMOSPHERE and the OCEAN, which will have drastic effects in climate change. The burning of fossil fuels is still arguable as a cause of change, still much less than DEFORESTATION, which may have drastic impact on vegetation and land contribution to the global carbon cycle.

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