CO2 Emissions

Carbon Dioxide (CO2) has been causing harmful effects to the environment and even to the whole earth. Nowadays, it is the leading cause of global warming and the greenhouse effect that poses a serious threat to the welfare of the planet earth and its inhabitants plants, animals and humans alike. The alarming increase of the CO2 emissions started during the Industrial revolution. The human activities that propagated these CO2 emissions are the burning of coal, gas, oil and the blatant deforestation and destruction of rain forests.  Another main cause, almost 96.5%, is the burning of fossil fuels like coal, petroleum and natural gas.

Although burning fossil fuels cause the emission of CO2, these fossil fuels are important elements of the society. Its three main uses are for industrial production; utilities like power, gas, oil, and more, and most especially transportation.


Any form of transportation uses fossil fuels. This then emits CO2. May it be a car, a plane, or a train; all these are important and enable humans to complete their day to day tasks and routines. Fortunately, there are now solar powered vehicles and other cars that run on bio-fuel gas that does not cause much damage to the environment.


Electricity that is used at home or even on establishments and offices are often provided by power companies. These companies acquire electricity through the combustion of fossil fuels which result to CO2 emission.

Industrial Production

Manufacturing facilities are one of the main industries that directly combust fossil fuel and create CO2 emissions. The steam and the heat from the burned fossil fuels are needed to manufacture different products and it varies through the different stages of production. Another is that these manufacturing facilities use huge amounts of electricity compared to houses and establishments, and huge amount of electricity translate to huge amount of CO2 emission.

Apart from the human activities that cause CO2 emission, there are also natural processes that cause CO2 emission. Some of these are the respiration of animals and plants, the oxygen is the converted into CO2 and energy. There is also the ocean and atmosphere exchange wherein the ocean absorbs and release CO2 at the sea surface. Moreover, even the volcanic eruptions release CO2 which is situated on the deep rocks of the earths crust.

CO2 emission is harmful to the environment because it enables less radiation to escape from the atmosphere. When this happens, the temperature of the earths surface increases more and more which will eventually lead to global warming. Some of the effects of CO2 emissions are sea level rise, spread of diseases, increased extreme weather, impacts on agriculture, and a drastic change on the ecosystem.

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Global Warming Threats

Global Warming Threats

One of the most pressing concerns of the modern world is global warming. Described as the dramatic increase of the Earths temperature, global warming poses serious ecological problems to people all around the globe. According to scientific studies, the temperature of the Earth has risen by approximately one degree Fahrenheit in the past one hundred years.

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How to Stop Global Warming

How to Stop Global Warming

Global warming is an issue that literally concerns the whole world. While the different governments are taking their own steps in order to minimize the amount of impact their countries have on the environment, such as imposing laws like the Clean Air Act, there are still some steps that each individual can take to not only help slow down the effects of global warming, but also make the environment a little better as well.

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Global Warming Facts

Global Warming Facts

Thanks to facts on global warming become more and more frequently reported on the news, people are becoming increasingly aware about how their actions can impact the environment. Even so, there remains to be individuals who don't know that much global warming information.

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What is Global Warming?

What is Global Warming?

"What is global warming?" This is a question frequently asked by people, thanks to the number of news reports that talk about the numerous effects of climate change in the world. While the global warming controversy remains talked about these days, with some people contesting that the changes happening in the climate are nothing more than natural phenomena, there is enough evidence of global warming that prove that there is truth to what scientists are saying.

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Climate Change

Most Extreme: Climate Change

There is a cartoon in a website that shows a European browsing on the computer and bundled up in thick clothing while on the flip side, there is a South American who is sweltering while browsing on the computer. Times are really changing and so is the world's climate because all over the globe, people are experiencing weird weather and extreme temperatures. Climate change is upon the planet and it seems that it is hopeless to stop it.

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